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  • Samantha Gleason

In a Rut? Embrace Your Side Hustle

In this recent article, Ben Middleton argues that side-hustles can hinder a creative's work. He argues that we should be one-minded with our focus, and put all of our time and energy into our full-time positions.

I could not disagree more. If you are able to maintain your performance at work, why not take on a passion project?

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So, what is a side hustle?

According to Wonolo, a side hustle is,

  • any type of employment undertaken in addition to one’s full-time job

  • generally freelance or piecework in nature, providing a supplemental income

Side-hustles have always existed, but have grown in popularity in recent years with the rise of online resources such as Etsy, Airbnb, and Fiverr.

My Experience

My high school side-hustle,, started as a hobby. My in-class doodles were a hit on social media, and as my work gained popularity, I turned it into a business.

My artwork was based off of my love for music; I would draw based off of my favorite songs and artists, and marketed these products to those with the same interests.

Without this business, I would not have discovered my passion for graphic design.

This first side-hustle sparked a curiosity in me, and since then, I've strived to find opportunities to try new things outside of my full-time work by taking on:

  • freelance video projects

  • volunteer design work as a THON Merchandise Captain

  • social media advising work

These projects have given me the opportunity to learn new things and take risks, giving me the confidence to push myself harder in all of my work.

Side-hustles give people the opportunity to explore their passions outside of their 9-5, creating the perfect opportunities to move our society forward.

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